Converting Handwriting to Typed Text on a Page

You can write on the interactive screen using the Pens tool or the Calligraphic Pens tool and convert your writing to typed text. SMART Notebook converts handwriting in the language set in the system preferences.


Although you can use the Creative Pen tool to write words, SMART Notebook is unable to convert these words into typed text.

You can also type text on a page.

To convert handwriting to typed text

  1. Write your text on the interactive screen.

TIP: Write tidy, printed characters on a horizontal line. Although SMART Notebook can convert slanted or cursive writing, it doesn't always do so consistently.

  1. Select your text.

SMART Notebook's handwriting recognition feature compares your written word with its dictionary and identifies words that most resemble what you've written.

  1. Press the text object's menu arrow.

A menu appears and displays the list of matching words, each preceded by Recognize.

  1. Select a word in the list of matching words.

The selected word appears on the page.