Introduction to SMART Notebook Software

SMART Notebook software is part of a suite of programs that you can use with your SMART interactive product.

SMART Notebook Basics

Your SMART product detects contact with its interactive screen and sends each contact point, along with Pen tool information, to the connected computer. SMART Notebook translates the information into mouse clicks and digital ink. SMART Notebook enables you to perform normal computer operations by pressing the screen with your finger (on interactive whiteboards) or a tethered pen (on interactive pen displays).

You can also write or draw on the screen in digital ink using a pen tray pen (on interactive whiteboards) or tethered pen (on interactive pen displays), and then save or erase your notes.

Creating SMART Notebook Files

Use SMART Notebook to create lessons or presentations. Each .notebook file contains a series of pages and each page has its own objects, properties and settings. You can add freehand objects, geometric shapes, straight lines, text, graphics, Adobe Flash content and tables to a page. You can manipulate and edit these objects at any time.

Save files in a format that opens in SMART Notebook software on a Windows, Mac or Linux operating system. You can also export your file in a variety of formats, including HTML and PDF.

The Page Sorter displays all of the pages in the current file in thumbnail format. SMART Notebook automatically updates these thumbnails when you change the contents of the pages.

Copy clip art, backgrounds, multimedia content, and .notebook files and pages to your page from the Gallery. The Gallery also provides access to the following resources:

You can attach a copy of a file, a shortcut to a file or a link to a Web page. This enables you to quickly find and open files and Web pages when you present your file.


Draw attention to specific parts of a page using SMART Tools, such as the Screen Shade, Spotlight, Magnifier and Pointer.

Control Panel and Settings

You can change the SMART product’s hardware settings. You can also orient the interactive screen to improve the accuracy of contact detection.

Using SMART Notebook with SMART Response

If you install SMART Response software on your computer, you can run question sets that you create in SMART Notebook software. For more information on the SMART Response interactive response system, see the Help for your version of SMART Response: