Inserting Adobe Flash Files into a Page

You can insert Adobe Flash files into a page.

NOTE: The Gallery contains a selection of .swf files, and many sources of Adobe Flash content are available online.

After you insert an Adobe Flash file into your page, you can interact with it in the same way that you would in a Web browser.

During a presentation, you can use an Adobe Flash object's menu arrow to control its playback.


Adobe Flash files on a page must be self-extracting. You're unable to use Adobe Flash files that load or rely on other .swf files.

You're unable to drag Adobe Flash content from a Web browser and drop it on a page.

If the Adobe Flash player isn't installed on your computer, SMART Notebook notifies you when you add an Adobe Flash item to a page.

You can install the Adobe Flash player by visiting but you must use the Internet Explorer browser to install it. If you use another browser, Adobe Flash content doesn't work in SMART Notebook.

To insert a Adobe Flash file on a page from a .swf file

  1. Select Insert > Flash File.

The Insert Flash File dialog box appears.

  1. Browse to and select the .swf file that you want to insert into the page.

  2. Press Open.

The content appears in the upper left corner of the page.

NOTE: Alternatively, you can insert an Adobe Flash file from the Gallery. Each Adobe Flash file appears in the Gallery as either an Adobe Flash icon or a thumbnail of the content with an Adobe Flash icon in the upper left corner.