The Gallery

The Gallery contains clip art, backgrounds, multimedia content, .notebook files and pages that you can use in your lessons, and displays preview images of this content. The Gallery also provides access to other online resources.

My Content

You can add your own pictures, backgrounds, multimedia content, lesson activities and .notebook files and pages to the My Content category.

Gallery Essentials

When you install SMART Notebook software, you can also install Gallery Essentials. This is a collection of thousands of images, multimedia content, and more, organized into subject-specific categories.

Lesson Activity Toolkit

The Lesson Activity Toolkit is a collection of customizable tools and templates that you can use to create professional-looking and interactive lessons. The Toolkit helps you create engaging content like word games, quizzes and sorting activities. It also offers Adobe Flash tools like hide-and-reveal and drag-and-drop.

Online Resources

Online Resources provides access to online content for educators who use SMART products. These resources include lesson activities, educational software, advice for using your SMART product, and more.

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