Browsing and Searching the Gallery

The Gallery is divided into two sections. The top section of the Gallery is the category list. When you select a category or subcategory in the list, its contents appear in the bottom section of the Gallery.

NOTE: You can change the size of the category list and content list by pressing the boundary between them, and then dragging it up or down.

You can browse the category list to view the contents of each category. Thumbnails within the categories provide preview images of the content.

In the Pictures category, clip art items appear as thumbnails of the graphic.

In the Interactive and Multimedia category, a video object appears as a frame from a movie, a sound object appears with a speaker icon in the lower left corner, and an Adobe Flash file appears as an Adobe Flash icon or thumbnail of the content with a small Adobe Flash icon in the upper left corner.

In the Notebook Files and Pages category, files appear as binders and pages appear with a folded top right corner.

In the Backgrounds and Themes category, backgrounds appear as pages with a folded bottom-right corner and themes appear as thumbnails.

You can search for a Gallery item using the keyword search.

To browse the Gallery

  1. If the Gallery isn't visible, press Gallery .

  2. Press a category's plus sign to view its subcategories.

NOTE: You can close a category by pressing the category's minus sign .

  1. Select a category or subcategory to display its contents.

To search the Gallery

  1. If the Gallery isn't visible, press Gallery .

  2. Type a keyword into the Type search terms here box, and then press Search .

The Gallery displays all content containing the keyword.