Importing a Gallery Collection

Importing and exporting collection files is an ideal way to share custom categories with others and to use categories that others have created. You can use collection files to add items to the Gallery's My Content category. After you import a collection file, all of its items appear in the Gallery as a new subcategory.

To import a Gallery collection

  1. If the Gallery isn't visible, press Gallery .

  2. Select My Content (or one of its subcategories) in the Gallery's category list, press its menu arrow, and then select Add to My Content.

The Add to My Content dialog box appears.

  1. Browse to the folder that contains the collection file you want to import.

NOTE: A collection file has a .gallery extension.

  1. Select the collection file, and then press Open.

The collection appears as a new subcategory. By default, SMART Notebook names the new subcategory Untitled.

  1. To change the subcategory's name, select the subcategory's thumbnail, press its menu arrow, and then select Rename. Type the item's new name. If a connected keyboard isn't easily accessible, type the name using the SMART Keyboard.

NOTE: You can reorganize the Gallery's content.