Inserting Tables on a Page

You can add tables to your page. After you create a table, you can insert objects into the table's cells, including freehand objects, geometric shapes, straight lines and arcs, text and graphics files.

If you want to customize a table, you can select a table, column, row, cell or selection of cells, and then:

To insert a table

  1. Press Table .

A grid appears.

  1. Move the pointer over the grid to select the number of columns and rows that you want in the table. The cells of the grid correspond to the cells of your table.

The table appears on the page.

To draw a table

  1. Press Pen , and then select an available line type.

NOTE: Don't select a highlighter line style.

  1. Draw a table on the interactive screen.

TIP: Make the lines of the table as straight as possible and connect its corners.

  1. Press Select .

  1. Press the interactive screen and drag until a rectangle surrounds the lines of your drawing.

A selection rectangle appears around the selected objects.

  1. Press the menu arrow, and then select Recognize Table.

If SMART Notebook recognizes your drawing as a table, it removes your drawing and adds a table to the page.