Using SMART Notebook Math Tools

If you install SMART Notebook Math Tools on your computer, SMART Notebook collaborative learning software includes mathematical features such as equation editing, handwriting recognition for mathematical terms, additional shape tools, graph generation and a launcher for Texas Instruments (TI) emulators.

Features at a Glance

Math-Specific Toolbar

Math Toolbar

Hiding the Math Toolbar


Inserting Equations

Writing Equations

Solving Expressions

Advanced Shape Creation and Manipulation Tools

Inserting Regular Polygons

Inserting Irregular Polygons

Displaying Interior Angles

Displaying Side Lengths

Displaying and Editing the Vertices of Shapes

Dividing Shapes


Inserting Cartesian Graphs

Inserting Quadrant Graphs

Inserting Number Line Graphs

Selecting Graphs

Manipulating Graphs

Customizing Graphs

Generating Graphs from Equations

Generating Graphs from Tables

Generating Tables from Graphs

Adding Shapes to Graphs

Texas Instruments Emulators

Launching the Texas Instruments Emulator