Other troubleshooting tips



When you export SMART Response question set results from a SMART Notebook file using the CSV command, fractions change to dates.

In your exported results, change the exported dates to fractions, add a space before each fraction and convert the month to its numerical value. The converted month is the fraction’s numerator, and the day is the denominator.

Your computer doesn’t recognize SMART Response software, and the receiver’s Status LED light remains solid red.

Remove the SMART Response hardware drivers on your computer, and then reconnect the receiver following the instructions in The SMART Response System Receiver Doesn’t Work (smarttech.com/kb/115401).

The receiver’s Status LED flashes red when SMART Response software is in CE or VE mode.

This is normal. When SMART Response software is in a mode that doesn’t require a receiver, the software doesn’t start the hardware drivers.

Responses from students don’t appear in SMART Notebook reports.

Wait at least 10 seconds after the last student responds before you stop a question set.

Additional SMART Response receivers don’t connect to the network when you install more than one receiver on your computer.

Disconnect the additional receiver’s USB plug to resume normal operation. Disconnect and reconnect the first receiver’s USB plug if it doesn’t work, or if the Status light turns red.


Installing more than one receiver increases the number of clickers you can use in your classroom, but it affects your computer’s performance and doesn’t increase your reception.