Extending the USB cable

If the provided 6' (1.8 m) USB cable attached to the receiver isn’t long enough, use active USB extender cables, USB extenders or hubs.

SMART active USB extension cableThis graphic shows the SMART active USB extension cable (Part No. USB-XT).

In some cases, you can use up to four cables to extend the length to about 80' (25 m), which is the limit of the USB specification. Passive USB extension cables aren’t supported.

Alternatively, USB extenders that use Cat 5 cabling can extend the range to approximately 325' (100 m) at a much higher cost. The more economical SMART CAT 5 USB extender (Part No. CAT5-XT-1100) can extend the USB connection up to 130' (40 m) using an RJ45 Cat 5 cable.

Impedance mismatches and poor connections can cause signal degradation and performance problems.


Some computers use internal active hubs to provide more USB receptacles. These internal hubs can limit the number of USB extenders you can use and the length of the Cat 5 cable you can use.