Creating transparent areas in a picture

You can create transparent areas in a picture that you insert into a page. This is useful for removing the picture’s background. You can make any color in the picture transparent.


You can reduce the size of a large picture when you insert it in a file (see Setting image optimization preferences). If you later create a transparent area in the picture, the picture is no longer optimized.

ClosedTo create a transparent area in a picture

  1. Select the picture.

  2. Press the picture’s menu arrow, and then select Set Picture Transparency.

    The Picture Transparency dialog box appears.

  3. Drag the corners of the dialog box in or out to resize it.

  4. Press any areas in the picture that you want to make transparent.


    Pressing an area makes only that area transparent, even if the picture includes that same color in other areas.

  5. Press OK.