Inserting 3D models

3D models are available from the 3D Objects folder in Lesson Activity Examples and the SMART Exchange® website ( as well as the Trimble 3D Warehouse (see Using Trimble 3D Warehouse). You can also insert your own 3D models if they are in one of the following formats:


Textures and other information for some 3D models are stored in separate files and folders. When you insert these 3D models, ensure the 3D model file is located in the correct folder structure with the supporting files and folders.

ClosedTo insert a 3D model

  1. Select Insert > 3D Object.

    The Insert 3D File dialog box appears.

  2. Browse to and select the 3D model you want to insert.

  3. Press Open.

    The 3D model appears on the page.