Using the Teacher mode menu

ClosedTo put SMART Response LE clickers into Teacher mode

  1. Press the Power and MenuMenu button buttons simultaneously.


    You can press the MenuMenu button button by itself without any effect.

  2. Press the EnterEnter button button to make your selections. Press the MenuMenu button button to return to the primary menu.

The following options are available in the Teacher mode menu:



Scan & Pick

Pair the clicker with your receiver during setup.

Clicker ID

Set the Clicker ID.

Show Rcv PID

Display the current Pan ID.

Language Display the list of supported languages. See Changing the LE clicker’s language.


Lightens or darkens the clicker’s LCD display. Use the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the contrast.

Device Info

Display the clicker’s MAC address and firmware version.

Restore Default

Restore the clicker’s factory default settings.


Exit Teacher mode to connect to the class.