Importing assessment results

You can import the results of an assessment that you performed without using your SMART Response system. You can then generate reports that combine the results from your assessments with the imported results.

You can import results using either comma separated values (CSV) files or Microsoft Excel files (Windows operating systems only).


The ID numbers you use in the list you import must match the ID numbers assigned to the students in the class list that you’re using.

Formatting the results files for importing

You must use the headings ID Number and Marks when you format the CSV, XLS or XLSX file for importing. If you’re using information from another program, copy it to a new file and then format it as shown in File formatting.

Importing a class results file

You can import a class results file using Teacher Tools.

ClosedTo import a class results file

  1. Start Teacher Tools. See Starting Teacher Tools.

    Teacher Tools appears.

  2. In the Gradebook area, select the class you want to import the results to.

  3. Click Import on the menu bar, and then select Assessments.

  4. Click the target class, and then click Next.

  5. Type the title, and then select the type of the assessment. Optionally, type the subject and topic information.

  6. Select the Percentage or Raw values score formats, and then click Next.

  7. Select the file type, and then click Next.

  8. Browse to and select the file, and then click Open.

    The student results information appears in the Students and Assessments tabs. You can also generate reports that include the imported scores.