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Previewing results during an assessment

You can use SMART Response software to display results instantly while you run an assessment. You can use assessments as an interactive learning tool and a way to give students continual feedback on what they’re learning.


You must have two or more students participating in your assessment to use this feature.

ClosedTo preview class assessment results

  1. Start your assessment, if it isn’t already running.

  2. Display the question using the Page sorter or the left and right arrows.

  3. Click SMART Notebook software’s Response tab, and then select the Progress button.

  4. Click Show beside Results Preview.

    A chart showing the class’s current responses to the question appears.


    • The chart changes as students answer the question, and change their answers.

    • Select the assessment’s title page to preview a summary of the progress of all the assessment’s questions. You can use this chart to see how much of the assessment the class has completed.